Thursday, May 24, 2012

Easy Peasy Chicken Tenders

What do you do when your husband dedicates his night to Xbox? And you aren't allowed.
Because there is a boys slumber party with out the sleepover part going on in my living room filled with pew pew pews and yelling, and I kind don't know what to do.
Is there a certain place where the women go and meet up?

That would be great. We could all get together. Do girl things. Take the cards and shop because you know the answer is going to be "yeah, yeah, sure whatever..." or nothing at all, and you can take the non-response as a yes.

Wine. There would also have to be wine.

Wine also goes great with chicken. Like that stuff up there. The picture might not be Pinterest worthy, but it's ready in like 10 minutes. Soooo translation: you can have dinner ready and give yourself more time to pin things. More time for online shoe shopping with the card you scored because your man agreed to hand it over unknowingly surrendered it during an Xbox session. Good thing I help you out with these things. Was that redundant? Whatevs.

Now this's kind of not a recipe. I can tell you what I used, just not how much. It's fine. You got this.

Easy Peasy Chicken Tenders
Serves 3-4 (can easily double, triple.....)

1 lb chicken breast tenerlions
A lotttttttttta gaaaalic powder
All seasoning salt
Crushed rosemary (dried)
Sage (just a few shakes)
Oregano (very little)
Tiny shakes of Paprika
Olive oil for brushing or the pan


1. Take chicken out of the package and, if you are like me place it on the George Foreman grill (which should be set to medium heat!), after heated. . (If you're using a pan, add some olive oil to the pan and heat it on medium heat.)
2. Brush the chicken with olive oil. (If cooking in the pan, toss the chicken in once the pan is heated and the oil is shiny).
3. Add the seasoning, let cook until cooked through on the bottom side, about 2-4 min (depending on cooking method and heat level).
4. Turn the tenders over. Lightly season the new side, if desired.
5. Once cooked through, remove from heat and check to make sure it is hot enough using a meat thermometer.
6. Serve immediately with wine, rice, garlic bread....all three.... Enjoy this easy recipe and get back to the more important things, like Pinterest.

Happy Thursday!

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