Friday, April 27, 2012

Change is good

As a person who is sometimes a creature of habit and afraid of change, I've realized lately I have begun to branch out and find out more about myself in terms of passions and values. When I started this blog, I wanted to center it all around one of my biggest passions: baking. Recently, however, I've learned I have many other passions aside from baking. I love to learn about other people by asking them questions, I like to learn how I can build a better relationship with my husband and people closest to me, I am so intrigued by psychology and I love to learn.
This sort of self discovery started when I created this group on Facebook. It's still small and in the process of becoming what I hope it will be, but it's letting me tap into what else I am interested in, that I may have been ignoring. I do appreciate photography, I do like to read about fashion and beauty. I'm a bit of a health nut and love healthy recipes and new workouts. I love to share that one funny picture I stumbled upon that brightened my day. Most importantly, I am a very curious and enthusiastic person. So, this is where the change comes in. Instead of posting just about baking, I am just going to post whatever I find interesting or whatever is on my mind. Starting today, this blog will be more like a diary, except I want you to read it. Hopefully, if you like my blog, you will subscribe and share your thoughts on whatever I decide to post about. I would really love that.
All of that said, today I have decided to start embracing change more. So here's to change and hopefully it brings exciting opportunities and an unforgettable journey.

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